How Far Apart Do You Place Roof Trusses?


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How far apart should roof trusses be? This depends on the building, the load the roof is expected to support, size and shape of the trusses and a variety of other things, including local rules and regulations.

As it is, the majority of truss systems are installed with spaces of 24 in to center. Some are spaced at 16 in to center and some situations require a mere 12 in. The TRADA advises trussed rafters to be spaced at 600 mm (23.622 in ) c/c.

  • Building Permission
The first step is to find out whether a building permission for the planned project is required. Rules vary, so getting in touch with the relevant local office is advisable. While there, it should be possible to find out any location specific regulations on truss spacing.

It is safer to inquire about these two things before starting any building work, as non-compliance to existing rules can cause all sorts of grief and ignorance of such rules is rarely regarded as a valid excuse.

  • Different Types of Trusses
Apparently there are also a variety of trusses suitable for different purposes. Finding the right size and shape trusses for the intended purpose may have to include a consultation with a professional builder.

There is an interesting article about different types of trusses at Ask The Builder. It may be worth reading this before making any firm plans. This article may prompt existing plans to be reconsidered or completely changed.

  • Creating Extra Space
Using a different type of truss, for instance, may create a lot of unexpected extra storage or maybe even living space. Again, it may be necessary to acquire a building permission, but if this will potentially add an extra room to the house, it has to be worth making the effort.
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16 inches on Center is the standard. 24 might be allowable by state minimum code but, I would not suggest it.
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Simple pre-engineered trusses for residential construction are usually designed for 24" spacing.  As noted above, depends on the design-I believe they should have a stamp or label indicating design load and spacing-if designed to carry a certain load at 24" spacing, the load carrying capability would be greater at 16".
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Well, I would advise you first to look at this web page, to get an idea of how far you need a fence from the roof, I suppose that about 3 meters to 5 meters away so that it does not cause a lesson if you fall from the roof of your house and above all that you have enough space to fall on the ground or something to cushion you.

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I am building a pole barn and I have 18 6/12 trusses how far do I space them apart?
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It depends on the engineering and building codes for the roof.16",24"

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