How Long Does It Take For Mail To Be Received From Philadelphia PA To Weirton WV?


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Kathy Castillo answered
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Weirton, West Virginia are not that far away from each other. Most mail coming from Philadelphia and going to Weirton should normally only take about two days. However, if you mailed your letter on or near a holiday, then it may take longer. However, it should not take any longer than a week max for the letter to reach its destination. If you are mailing something very important from Philadelphia to Weirton, then you may want to consider mailing it by certified mail. This way you can track its path and you will receive notification that the letter was received and who received the letter.

There are other forms of mail that can speed up the delivery such as Fed Ex or Express Mail. These services can either send the letter within a day or within a matter of a few hours from Philadelphia to Weirton.

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