Give The Outline Of One Unsolved Mystery Other Than Bermuda Triangle?


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Other than the Bermuda triangle the Blair witch project has been a Unresolved mystery through out. There was a group of three students who went to discover and document on the Blair witch project. This area is in America; it is often argued that paranormal activities take place with people around there before the Government could bare no more loss. It decided to close down the area for visitors. But however three students make it to this place to make a live documentary for whole three days and three nights discovering whether the Blair witch project is a myth or a reality.

On the first day the team forgets it way back to the car and decides to camp in the woods as the night makes it impossible to locate any directions. The next morning as they wake up they fin a clamp of wood sticks wrapped with a thread and placed on a collection of pebbles. This day they find out that they have lost there map to so they rest for the second night to pass, At the beginning of the third morning they find the same set of sticks and pebbles. This time they see what there eyes could not believe it was a black timid shadow moving at the speed of a rocket. This day some paranormal activities lead too the death of these students.
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Atlantis is an unsolved mystery, if that's the kind you are talking about.
They have found 6 different underground islands with cities, but they are uninhabited other than the fish and sharks.
The first scrolls Plato wrote pinpointed Atlantis to be in the Mediterranean ocean within he pillars of Hercules (staits of gilbratar) but nothing has been found yet.
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How about the mystery of Life itself?With so many people now on the planet and an abundance of information and knowledge-one might well ask 'where is the Life lost in living'.

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