Can Mersa Be Contagious Is You Visit A Person In A Hospital?


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If you are asking if a person can contract mersa from visiting a person in the hospital that has it, the answer is yes, you can get sick with it if you don't follow proper hygienic procedures around the patient. You should not touch the infected person unless you have disposable gloves on and then you should make sure to wash your hands and use a hand sanitizer after your visit also.
The hospital personnel will show and tell you what you can and cannot do around the infected person. They might even make you wear a disposable paper gown and/or mask to further protect you from contamination.
Mersa is very serious. I know this because my mother died last October. She was an elderly woman of 78 years and had some other things going on too but in her weakened state, she had contracted mersa and ultimately it is what she passed away from.
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Yes, if they have active MRSA, but once you have it you will always have it. Even afer you have treatment and it not active it their.  So each time you go visit put on the gown and gloves, and do not take any children with you and please was your hands well with soap and water not hot water.

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