Why Do People Want To Come To The USA So Bad If They Hate Us So Much? Our Biggest Problems Is Illegal Immigration But Yet We Are The Most Hated Nation On The Planet. Please Explain Your Answer.


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I don't live in America but I cannot understand why so many people feel this way about America. How can you hate a Country? The country does not give examples of all the people who live in America Things change over the centuries but at one time America was the promised land to most people, people who were oppressed, hated for their thoughts , prejudices and religions. You could go to America and become soul brothers with people who felt just like you, and by the way it still welcomes you if you are a hard working person who wants to do domething with your life. So Hey out there GET OFF THEIR BACKS. They have carried this world enough.
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Jason Parsons
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Good answer Lyonese.
Stewart Pinkerton
That's 'belligerent', Audrey, and why would I care if you know where I live? It's not like it's a national secret. When I die, I will have lived, which is more than you'll be able to say.......
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I think you're painting with too broad a brush. Sure, lots of people hate America, but there are a hell of a lot who don't. Simply put, the ones who are risking their lives to get here are not the ones who hate America. America seems to have a strangely dualistic and even romantic image to the rest of the world. Sure, we have a lot of problems, but even those problems pale in comparison to the problems other countries face (ever heard the saying "first world problems?").

People want to come here for the high standard of living. Despite the bemoaning of liberals to subsidize every facet of our life, the American government already does a pretty good job of taking care of its citizens. We offer unemployment, welfare, social security, and subsidized health care (yes, we already have it. I've been on it for over a year now) to our citizens, among many other programs. Though unemployment is the highest its been in years, there are a plethora of unskilled entry level jobs that immigrants can get. We waste more potable water than some countries can even find to drink. Even if you're homeless, you don't have to fear starvation because of all of the food waste and outreach programs. I'd rather be homeless in America than rich in the Sudan. And there is the romantic notion that anyone in America can become famous and rich simply by working hard.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for other countries (or disillusioned patriots like myself) to hate America though. Our political system has devolved into a power hungry circle jerk. We ruin countries like Afghanistan and Iraq with no clear reason why and no clear plan how to fix them. Our leaders are guilty of war crimes, corruption, perjury, and pretty much every deadly sin. Like every other superpower, we got to the top by stepping on everyone else and keeping them down. We have an arsenal of weaponry capable of destroying the planet several times over. I'm glad I live in America, but I am not proud to be an American.
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So short answer would be envy? Btw, darn good answer.
Zaphod  Beeblebrox
Thank you. I'd say envy is some of it, but like I said there are legitimate reasons to hate America.
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I don't dispute that at all. There are alot of things I hate about the US.
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For the opportunity. They can come here and get just about any job and scrimp and save and send money back home and make life SOO much easier for their families. In a lot of places, the price of a chicken costs as much as a month of wages (Uzbekistan about 15 years ago for certain).
Of course, the same applies to terrorists, come here for a decent job and send the money back for bomb making...
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It's not our COUNTRY they hate it's our POLITICS.  I'm not too thrilled with a whole lot of our politicians and their ideas either.
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Immigration is a problem faced by many countries in the world, it's not only America. The hatred among countries and people it's not specific to America only.
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People don't hate Americans they hate American political policies. America is a nation of immigrants, why the fuss now; like a house party after you get in?
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Most look at Americans as fat and stupid...try traveling to Europe...after 2 weeks I didn't like most of the Americans I saw either
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I could believe that if the terrorist sniped polliticians but they target innocent civilians.
Stewart Pinkerton
What terrorists? You guys whine and cry about a couple of isolated attacks (OK, granted one was a biggie). Most of the world has suffered terrorism for *decades* on a continuous basis. Much of it is of course done by Israel and the US, but they don't call it terrorism.
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Actually, people prefer Canada to the USA when it comes to immigration, so that's the first way in which you're wrong. Then there's the racist hypocrisy - you are *all* illegal immigrants, aside from the descendants of the slaves. Ask any Native American. However, the main reason that the USA is hated  - and that's not too strong a word - throughout most of the world is the arrogant and ignorant foreign policy which assumes that dumbed down consumerism is actually a culture to which everyone should aspire. I have worked in the US for several years, in Arizona, Texas, and Massachussetts, and most of the individuals with whom I worked wre fine people. However, you do have a lot of ignorant jerks, and a ludicrous number of the grossly obese. Yet you think that America is a shining example to the rest of the world, despite the fact that most of you know absolutely nothing about the rest of the world, as only 28% of you even have passports.....

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