Is it compulsory to have fair skin tone to be an airhostess?


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You have a customer caring skills more than their skin beauty. Because the passengers wants more care rather than your skin beauty.
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It is compulsory to be physically fit, take self defense classes and be firearms rated while having mandatory basic life saving course under their belt. Beauty has little to do with being a airhostess except maybe on what's his faces jets for virgin atlantic. In other words it doesn't help a bit to have looks if you can't do the job. But I would say basic appearance/hygiene is necessary (to look good in your uniform). Be a nice/kind hostess in all situations.
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They have several prerequisites and requirements but fair skin is not one of them. So if you are reasonably smart, well informed and carry yourself well, you have a good chance to be grabbed by any airlines!
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To become an air hostess height is compulsory and communication skills  - English and Hindi language.

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