What products are sold in the U.S but not U.K?


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Typically anything you can get in the US you can also get in the UK.

Oddly enough, there are not many US-made US vehicles in the UK. The PT Cruiser and the Chrysler Voyager are about the only current successful mass market imports. (Although I tested a Cadillac STS** from a dealer in "Middle England" last year when I was looking for a new car - so there are a few specialist importers).

It is worth noting that the US is not very "international", it runs on a different voltage and frequency from virtually all of the rest of the world, it uses a different TV encoding mechanism from virtually all of the rest of the world and uses different engineering standards and measurements from virtually all of the rest of the world, so US products sometimes require a great deal of modification and type approval before they are suitable for the UK and European markets.

We do not buy any petrol/gasoline from the US, and probably never have. We were responsible for developing the middle Eastern oil companies in the years from 1920-1955 - and until 35 years ago, still owned a large chunk of most of them.

We do buy Boeing Aeroplanes - because they are very good - although increasingly we are buying from Airbus - and we do buy a lot of food. (Cereals mainly).

We are a net exporter of music to the US (although with the current mechanisms for acquisition of music, I suspect such statements are pretty meaningless).

** It wasn't anything as nice as the BMW.
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I'm guessing things that the U.K. Produces themselves or that they get from other countries. According to big earl-they get petrol from U.S. And American made cars and trucks. Then we have certain clothes brands, foods, even video games. It depends on what you mean by products. You could say they even get intelligence from U.S. As in tech, information and people. Too many things to try and give examples of all the trade between countries. Oh and movies, TV shows and products associated with them.
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Guns for one thing.

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