What are the 6 Characteristic of money?


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The characteristics of money can be divided into six different categories: Durability, portability, divisibility, uniformity, limited supply, and acceptability. With the ongoing fraudulent issues associated with counterfeit money, it is important to be familiar with these categories.

Acceptability: In terms of a form of currency being accepted within society, money must be accepted by everyone in the economy. This acceptance is for the purpose of the exchange of money for goods and different types of services.

Divisibility: This relates to money being easily divided into smaller denominations for transactional purposes. People will only need as much money as is necessary for their purchases, therefore it is necessary for money to be easily broken down for different types of transactions.

Durability: This simply refers to the physical wear and use of money over a period of time. If some money is easily destroyed or damaged it is likely that it is fraudulent and therefore cannot be trusted. Yet, money is made from a paper source, so some wear and tear must be expected.

Limited supply: In order for money to retain its worth, there must be a type of limited supply. The more money that is in circulation the less it is valued by the economy.

Portability: Quite simply it is necessary for money to be easily transported so that people can carry it around with them on a daily basis. This also allows for the ease of transaction so that money can be transferred from one place to another.

Uniformity: Depending on the different types of currency that are available, money within that specific currency must look the same. This also allows for money to be counted and measured accurately.

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