If You Could Travel Back In Time To Which Year Or Time In History Would You Like To Go?


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Aisha answered
I would like to go back to the stone age and see the culture and living at that time !
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So much choice - i know i wouldn't wish for the same fate as Tavis Parks - check out his blog www.tavisparks.blogspot.com - i found it by accident on google..
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Feifei Hou answered
Go back to 1998, I would hold my family tight, never apart!
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Robyn Rothman answered
I saw the Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1966. I would just like to go back to 1970. It was the year I met the best friend I've ever had.
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David Hurtado
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Really!!?? you are so lucky! could you hear something?? in the documentary they say with so much shouting the music wasn't very much heard.
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Jo W. answered
I'd actually like to go back to three different times. First I'd like to go back to Biblical times, then I'd like to go back to Italy in 1895, when my grandmother was born to see what it was like, and I'd like to go back to 1977, when I met my husband - what excellent memories!
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I would want to go back to the true Gothic eras....where they built the chapels & cathedrals, and when stone henge was built....i want to see who actually built it. Same with the pyramids...I want to know who built it for sure. No more estimates by scientists etc.also, i want to go help michaelangelo paint his masterpieces and then, I would start out when i was 5 years old, and want to live my life over again....and try and be more confident.
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I'd go back in time my child hood of ago 11 and change things
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suman kumar answered
I would go back to the year 2004, where I did many mistakes, I want to rectify that, after that only I will think of history loll
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Megan goodgirl answered

the 80's! Like 1988 but I was 3 back then I could always change my date of birth . Instead of being born in 85 I would be born in 71 and live in the 80's!!!

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I'd go back and see me and my partner when we were small. But most of all I'd like to see my mother again. She was and always will be my best friend

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