Are You Afraid Of Flying In An Airplane?


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terry rossignol Profile
terry rossignol answered
I am terrified of planes!!! The last one i want on there was a big thunder and lightning storm up there too!! NOT FUN! Will never do it again!!! I would rather walk to where i need to be!!!!!
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martha commented
seriously i agree. everyone says flying is safer than driving, but if my car stalls out on the road, it will not plunge 30,000 feet to the earth!
terry rossignol
terry rossignol commented
you got it!!! no falling for me!!!!!
Emma Ziesemer
Emma Ziesemer commented
I agree with you!
John Profile
John answered
No, why should i worry about what i can't control.... I flew from Boston to Ohio once and then the plane landed but what we(the people on the plane) did not know was the landing gear(nose gear) did not lock all the way and all the emergency crews came out to check the plane over before we we're allowed to get off...i noticed then that even if we did know there was nothing we could have did about it. The funny thing was people started screaming and getting upset when the danger was already over with...good thing they did not tell us while we we're up ten thousand feet in the air...:)lol
Charming Gurl Profile
Charming Gurl answered
no not at all. If it falls down, then  it's my fate.
James Dilworth Profile
James Dilworth answered
I am petrified of planes!
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
I have flown twice and intend to fly many more times. My first experience was at age 8.
David Mathley Profile
David Mathley answered
Not at all. I love flying on an Airplane.

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