Have You Ever Ridden A Double Decker Bus?


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Brittany Bigelow Profile
No, but I've always wanted to
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Mouse or Nette answered
No I haven't but I always think that if I ever get to London that is something that I MUST do.. It's funny that it's just a tourist thing there.  Here In FL we have lots of things that are strictly for tourists.. But its fun now and then to play tourist in your own city. 
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Anonymous answered
 Yes , many times. We still have them in UK
Vanessa B Profile
Vanessa B answered
I haven't, actually! I would really love to though, should I ever get a chance to go to Europe.
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Rena Chisholm answered
Well, I wanted to ride a double decker bus one time, but the bottom was all full and I would have to ride in the top.
That would have been too scary, cause there was no driver up there!
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suman kumar answered
I have many times rode of double decker bus. Becoz my city Hyderabad is one of the cities (second one is Mumbai) which runs double decker as public transport in India. I love it
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Hey, In Calcutta also we have Double Decker bus. Even in Chennai in Rt No 18A double decker bus plys
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
I think it would be fun... But I would freak out every time we went under a bridge...LOL

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