Would You Take A Phone Call From Work Over The Holidays?


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I am a work at homer, so there are no holidays for me. Every day is like every other day, and there are no weekends, vacations or days off.

My husband is on call 24/7 so he accepts calls whenever they come in.The computer even has his phone number and calls him whenever it detects an unauthorized attempt to access. His company makes it well worth his while for his service.
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Still yes,...teachers in the Philippines are paid even holidays and vacation...the noblest profession.
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Never again.  I did one year for an interview for a state job.  I went in on my vacation, only to learn that I was not even in the consideration for the position.  They just needed a bureaucratic number they had interviewed so many people.  I also did not get paid for that day.
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Once my plans are "locked & loaded," nothing at all is allowed to change them.

I'll say to an employer, "I'll be out of town for the holidays," regardless of whether or not that is true, just to prevent any such calls, and with "Caller ID,"  I don't have to worry about accidentally answering the "wrong" kind of incoming call.
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Nice to see you here Keithold. I would take a call if it was a friend at work but my family has got to come first.
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No for the simple reason you pointed out---it's the holidays--which means break time!
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I would, but no one from work will be in to make the call. Although, just because I took the call, doesn't mean I'd do any work : D

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