If You Had Been Shopping One Day And Upon Returning Home Noticed That You Had Been Passed A Counterfiet $20 (US Currency) But Had No Idea Who Gave It Too You What Would You Do With It?


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I work for a bank - I'd hand it in.
Zaphod  Beeblebrox Profile
I'd try to pass it off as legal tender. I'm broke man, screw being out $20 bucks because some cashier doesn't do their job.
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Midnite star answered
Well...I would hate to be out $20...but I'd probably call the police & hand it over to them. My bank ? I'm not so sure.....
Years ago I was given a bad bill by my bank when I cashed a paycheck. I caught it right there in the bank & they denied I got it from them. They said I mixed it with my other cash in my wallet & they were not responsible. Too bad. That ticked me off big time.
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Midnite star
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Hey Big...I didn't know the Police had a way to retrace where I got a bad bill from...
Is that really true ? And do they bother ?
Jason Parsons
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Hold a $20 up to the light. See that thin strip inside the bill? Each bill is tracked in real time (scarey huh? Carry one's) via satalite. Couple that with real time security cameras in almost every place of commerce or industry, and in alot of cases publicly (street cams and again satalite) and you can deduce where any counterfeit bill was first spent. Identify the spender and BINGO!
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Mike McCarthy answered
I'd turn it over to the police.
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Jason Parsons
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That would probably be the best idea. You know that they can use video to backtrace your steps and figure out who passed it too you.
Mike McCarthy
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Quite right, Biggreen. These days, they have video cameras installed & sometimes they are hidden where you can't even SEE them.

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