What is your favorite state to travel to?


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Ray Dart answered
Montana is beautiful, but So Cal is where it's at for me - never made it to Hawaii.
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Panama City Beach,Florida is my favourite state to travel.

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Arthur Wright answered
Hawaii, first then the western states
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Maxine Chan
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I did not know Hawaii was a state.. I thought it was an island.
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I would like to Manhattan Cruise Terminal. I is a beautiful place to get new experience and knowledge. http://parkright.com/670-w-43-st-new-york.shtml
Maria jones
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I'm from out side US, but i like California and florida
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Sarah Smith answered

California. People are so friendly and the beaches are beautiful yet very expensive there.

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Kelly Poggi
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As someone that lives in California, on the coast between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, I would agree that the people are friendlier than most. Expensive is a relative thing. There are times that yes it would be more pricey than others, but my area is really quite affordable. The weather is beautiful year round. There is a large variety of things to do from beach activities, lake activities, mountain activities. There are several historical sites and vineyards. Look into it and come on over to Cali for an awesome experience.
Gee Gee Linesworth Profile

definitely, florida -and -hawaii!!!

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Jason Levy answered

I love to travel in Florida,its such a beautiful city ,Panama City beach is the attraction point  in florida ,It is world famous for its condominiums
includes an outdoor pool,nearby shopping, golf,local attractions,
and so much more.

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Garima Saini answered

I have recently visited Luang Prabang in Laos where I stayed
at Namkhan Eco farm. I served there as volunteer, I got free stay and three meals a day. They have their project going on where from people all around the world come to participate and interact with locals as well as people from different religion. Moreover, you will learn about their living and culture. The Lao people are extremely kind with authentic smiles. The place is very beautiful with large gardens and watercourse where you can exercise, relax and can do yoga. It is a farm and there motive is to get people know about organic farming and permaculture. There are many different activities you can participate such carpentry, crafting, teaching English to locals, painting etc. I worked 5 hours and rest of the day I got to explore village and city and mountain valleys. I also did trekking and elephant sightseeing.

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