Why is New Orleans considered the most "lawless" city in the United States, and how did it get like that?


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Statistically, New Orleans has 80 murders per 100,000 sq ft. Drugs run rampant throughout the city. On top of that, you've get seductively dark and crime ridden areas of town such as, Bourbon Street, the various Wards, and Uptown. The high violence rate is often built off of a drug induced haze popular among New Orleans' teens, as well as the homeless.

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Thanks Noah, you got to that question quickly!

What do you think the city needs to do to tackle this problem? Is there something Mayor Landrieu or the Sheriff's office are doing wrong in your opinion? Or are the cops just fighting a losing battle?
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Honestly, I think there needs to be more S.W.A.T/NARC operations.
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Of course, though, there is a reason behind my answer. S.W.AT and NARC operations put a big dent in funding. Yet, with CRIME currently being the main dent in funding, I believe it would be worth the money for the New Orleans government to get ahead of the game. That way, it won't take more than State and City Police to take care of business. It'd be wise for them to pay a lot now for a solid reward in the future, as bleak as that looks.

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