Which parts of the world would you most like to live in, and why?


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As i am a traveler, i have been to many places. The best place which i found to live in is Texas. After being one of the most populated area of US, it is highly considered by people to live in. The structure and design of the city is made in such a way that the people can easily move. This place gathered many natural sites and the climatic conditions varies highly. It is a blend of French, Spanish and Mexican. I found it right place to move and live. The cost of living is high but one can manage if he is earning well.

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California, SF-Bay Area. Tons of smart people to learn from, always something to do, plenty of places to go, never really worried about not having a job aka places where adults play for money, and the possibilities are just endless. 

I'm a pretty outdoor person, and to think a place like SF has all my nature needs. Plenty of nice parks and trails to bike, hike, run, jog, etc. Restaurants? Endless. From the best Indian food I've ever eaten in a smoky hallway that looks worse than my ghetto middle school cafeteria, to the finest slice of mignon in the most gorgeous restaurant. Concert venues, farmer markets, shopping, museums.

And just growing up with such diverse people kind of gave me a heads up in life. Like you can physically see where everyone's standing in life and the choices they made to put themselves there. Like ah, this person complaining to me about the President ruining his life has a crappy college degree from a school I never heard of before that has an acceptance rate of 70%, alright. Remind self not to go follow his footsteps. Stuff like that. Anyway, enough ranting.

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Wow, tough question. There are plenty of places I'd love to live, especially considering the English weather!

I suppose the one corner of the world that has always fascinated me - and I'm not entirely sure why - is Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

I've always dreamed about living in a country on the Dalmatian coast or in a city straddling the Danube. These places are all beautiful, they have wonderful architecture, interesting culture and great history. I'd love to live in this region for a few years to really immerse myself in it all!

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Melinda Moore
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You're right - the cities along the Dalmatian coast do look absolutely gorgeous. There was an interesting UK TV programme on them recently, "Three Men in a Boat", and seeing that really made me want to pay the area a visit.
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I live in Germany right outside Frankfurt and it's wonderful here. Why? Frankfurt International airport is a 30 minute drive and Frankfurt's train station is a central hub for all of Europe so if I want to go somewhere I don't have too far to go to get a ride.  If I choose to drive, I'm still right in the middle of Europe.

Frankfurt is one of the safest large cities in the world ranking somewhere around 10th or 11th safest.

There is always something to do around here, in fact, there's too much to do some weekends and that is even more true if you add in the surrounding area.

The climate is mild through all four seasons and though we lack beaches, I could find myself plenty of them within a few hours with a bit of advanced planning.

Culturally, Frankfurt is pretty hard to beat with two art museums and the old opera house alone providing a lot of activities.

This past weekend they had an annual event called, "night of the museums" where the museums stayed open until 2 AM. There were thousands of people walking around the city or catching one of the free buses. We were able to go to five different museums for roughly the same price as one would normally cost.

It's nights like that that remind me just how much I love Frankfurt!!!

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I know this may sound silly but the place I love the most is Vancouver, my current home. I travelled extensively over the years trying to find that special place to be. But I came to realize that it's not about the place at all, it's about people you surround yourself with. I happen to find the most loving, kind and interesting group of people here. It doesn't mean I don't want to travel, I really do but there is nowhere I'd rather be than where I'm now.

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Kim Snowling
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I agree, I really wouldn't care where I was as long as I had my family with me.
Melinda Moore
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I have a friend who has travelled all over the world, both as a child, due to his father's job, and then for almost all of his adult life, from Cyprus to Japan, Australia to the US and HongKong.

He's always had itchy feet and so I never thought he'd settle down - but now he has fallen in love with Vancouver, and has finally committed to settling there.

I'm tempted by it myself, as looks so beautiful - and didn't it also get voted as one of the best places to live in the world, recently?
Yo Kass
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Van City and Whistler are on my "must visit list" - my brother went on a ski holiday there last winter and brought me back a Canucks shirt, so I've gotta make it to a home game some time!
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I would like to say that I love to travel.  And if I can, I'll stay in a place as long as possible (temporary move... Like, a month). But, as far as living permanently someplace, I can't imagine living anywhere else but here in Albany, GA.

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