Where can I find a cheap hotel in London for 2 nights (under £100 budget)?


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Amanda Layne answered

Have you considered using Airbnb? I have the app on my phone  -it's pretty useful for finding somewhere to stay that's cheap.

I used in when i went to NY, they have some places in London too but less choice I guess. But you can find under £100

Otherwise Google has a good comparison tool you can find rooms with here.

My advice is to skip the mega-cheap ones and also look at where they are on the map. Some of them are miles away from anything.

The more you can afford to spend, the better it gets - and if something looks too good to be true it probably is.

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Fay Biddulph , Travelodge, answered

Look on Travelodge they often have rooms for just 25 pound a night and an all you can eat breakfast for 7 pound and if you have kids they eat for free x

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Brian Katz answered

One of the cheapest hotel in London is Acton Town Hotel where I always use to stay.This hotel is good and provide all facilities to their guests at reasonable rate,  so you can go to this hotel.

falls creek apartments

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Rosemary Marget answered

I found some hotels in London under £100 budget for 2 night

Europa Gatwick Hotel

Thames Riviera Hotel

St Giles Heathrow - St Giles Classic Hotel

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Paul Offices , Serviced Office London, answered

The Duke of Fife is found in the heart of East London, near to
nearby transport systems and the Olympic Park. Free WiFi access is accessible

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