I have a Queen Victoria one penny dated 1896, half penny 1904 and a penny 1900 all Queen Victoria, just wanting to know if they worth anything?


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Since it's a penny, probably $5.

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My guess is they are not worth more than a few pounds/dollars now a days, as I did a quick search on eBay and that is how much they seem to be going for:

Now I know eBay isn't the most reliable source, but it's the number of listings that makes me think this is an accurate estimate.

The thing is, rarity is the factor that will make a coin worth more. When they're in abundance, then it's unlikely a collector will be willing to part with too much money.

I could be wrong, and perhaps the coins I'm seeing on eBay aren't quite what you've got in your possession - so i'd recommend double checking.

Also, it might be worth getting in touch with an auction house or someone professional to value your coins if you're really keen to get a pro's opinion.

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