Where is your favourite place?


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Jack Dcosta Profile
Jack Dcosta answered

Switzerland..!! I just love it :)

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ly fen chen answered

I love to go to the beach, as we can tan, swim and play some sports there. Above all,  I like to go for a walk along the sea side, watch the waves in the sea, and in the evening, we can also watch the sunset from the beach.

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Wang Li answered

China is one of the favorite tourist destinations places.  There are plenty of tourist spots in Xian. The most memorable tourist attractions of Xian are the  Terracotta army,  Xian City Wall,  Xian Yang Museum, Kumarajiva Pagoda, Xing Jiao Temple are other man made wonders of Xi’an city. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable tour in China, you may contact reputable tour

Amy Taylor Profile
Amy Taylor , favorite place, answered

I think my hometown is my favorite place.  Where I was born, I grow up, I make friends and so on. Although it is not beautiful as some places of interests in other countries, I love it so much. It can make me feel peace and warm. But if you want to know some wonderful place for traveling. Of course, welcome to my hometown---Hongkong. It is really attractive too.

Olivia Lenix Profile
Olivia Lenix answered

Cozumel, Mexico is my favorite place. Cozumel is a one of the largest islands in Mexico and one of the safest places in the world. Cozumel Island is very famous for diving and snorkeling. I go every year to this place for travelling. I travel there by help of a travel
company “Rent a Boat Cozumel”, this company helps me a

Jason Levy Profile
Jason Levy answered

Montgomery, AL is my favorite place. It is the perfect place for family vacation.

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