If We Live In America And The Primary Language Is English...then Why Is English An Option?


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AS an option inside America, as in the USA, it is the FIRST option.  It is considered a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE and is accepted globally as THE second language of the world.
Large companies such as General Mills do not allow a language other than ENGLISH spoken
while an employee is on the clock in the USA.  IT is for safety first and also eliminates the possibility of harassment in foreign languages I am told by a union member employed at GM.
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I don't know, but in America we try to be open and inviting as the natives were to us.  Sharing a common language is a way to bridge the gap of many languages and cultures, not a way to exclude them.  The U.S Census comes in 49 different languages.
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Consider this: The red people were open and inviting to the white people who came over. So the white people took over the land of the red people. The white people are open and inviting to the brown people who are coming over. So now the brown people are taking over the land of the white people.
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There are to reasons
1. Litrature
2. Other natives tht don't know english who want to learn it
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English is an option because we america are a country of immgrants , for example people who are french , spanish , and japanese. The immgrants also bring their language fron thier homelands.
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Yes but is french an option in France? Is japanese an option in Japan? Is spanish an option in Spain?

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