What is life like in North Korea?


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One of my friends visited North Korea and made this awesome video about it.

Yes, you can't go anywhere without government supervisors - especially if you're carrying a camera around.

All I can say is life in North Korea is *not* what I expected - but this video is probably the closest you can get to finding out unless you get special permission to visit the country. Pyongyang Style from Steve Gong on Vimeo.

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Life in North Korea is a lot different to that of democratic Western nations like the United States.

Korea was divided into two separate states, North and South, following Allied victory in World War II. Temporary control of the north was handed to the USSR, from which a permanent Communist state emerged.

As in most Communist states, life in North Korea is tightly regulated in every sense. The government has absolute control, and defectors are often tortured or killed.

Most streets are filled with utilitarian high-rise blocks, and the day for children and adults begins with renditions of pro-state populist songs and the national, and a pledge of allegiance to "Supreme Leader" Kim Jong-un.

Entertainment is scarce, so most people are at home early- although foreign books, magazines and newspapers are forbidden, and purchases of radio and TVs must be reported, so activities at home are closely monitored too.

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