How can I get cheap air tickets?


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I'd recommend keeping an eye on SkyScanner, and there's also an app you can download called Hitlist which alerts you when tickets to destinations that matter to you drop in price.

But the "cheap flights" website I like most is Skiplagged (

It was created by a 22-year old, to expose "hidden city" flights - tickets where it's cheaper to book a connecting flight and purposely miss your connection, then fly to the connecting airport directly.

United Airlines were so upset about this guy's website that they decided to sue him. SO I think he can use all the support he can get.

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Kathryn Amis
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I'll definitely have a look at this - I support anyone who helps people get a good deal!
Virginia Lou
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Dear YoKass, I don't totally understand what is happening with Skip Lagged, but his prices are close to what I paid in 1967!
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Clear your cache, search for flights in incognito mode. Airline sites usually hike their prices when they know you're desperate for tickets. Usually, buying multi city tickets instead of direct flights take the price down by at least a $100

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There are plenty of ways to get your tickets in the best price in which i would first suggest you to check with the discount offers that are available from the multiple travel portals. Travel portals are offering great discounts on bookings so you can check the coupons as well as additional discounts like discounts on cards, app and other.

Whenever you are going to book the tickets make sure that you consider checking travel offers, coupons available in multiple stores then select the best offer from that selected. By applying that offer you will be getting your ticket in the budget.

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