What if you woke up only to find yourself back in 1986?


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That would be great for me that's the year I graduated from High-School. I had just turned 18

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Taylor Brookes answered

That would be amazing! I'd love to live in the 80s. Or the 50s :)

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Adrian Masters
Adrian Masters commented
The 50's could be really fun too. :) The cars from those day's with all that chrome look really awesome! :)
Taylor Brookes
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Absolutely! The 80s and 50s are my favourite times that I would want to live in.
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Bradley Lomax answered

First I would go out to get some vintage punk scence cloths after shoplifting and busking for money. Then I would buy some noise sensitive headphones then I would have head off to the famous dive grind venues like the Cathay de grande and the whiskey a go go you know places like that. Hopefully after slam dancing , getting into fights , drinking ect I would find a punk rock squat house to stay as apparently in the LA there was a barrage of punks and a lot of them squatted so you never knew who would see maybe even a performer as it wasn't uncommon to bump into them.  As of the large thrash , hardcore punk movement and after a few days I would try and get connections to the then large music hardcore scene. 

With my already acquired guitar skills and friends we would start a small  band that many of the punks , skins and thrash frequenters alike would watch. Then I would live one day at a time hopefully meeting up and seeing all the classic rockers like the angry Samoans ,black flag, hated youth , paul enema , Mike the mailman , tesco ve and most importantly el duce because he would still be alive and I would have finally had an El Duce story 😕 great now I wish I was in 1986 California

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Adrian Masters answered

To wake up back in 1986 and know what I know now I would be rich! :)  I would stop wasting money and invest in all the right stocks and properties.

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