When people are traveling, they often behave differently from the way they behave at home?


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misaki usui , "let us not burden our rememberance with the heaviness that is gone", answered
Hi.....well maybe because when they are at home they can do almost anything they want and in a way they like. They can do it outside too, but when we are outside we usually don't want people to think we are weird or strange in any way so we mostly behave in a manner that will help us look good in front of others .....At home too we want to look good but that's different......well thats what I think ..don't know whether it helps or not   

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Jason Levy answered

Now a days, travelling is widespread and people travel all over the world. Sometimes, when we travel or when people arrive to our country, we can notice that they behave differently, sometimes even strange. However, that does not characterize them as people with bad manners. To my way of thinking, it is pretty common for tourists to behave differently from the way they behave at home. So, for the following reasons, I would say that I definitely agree with that statement. I do believe that when people are travelling, they behave completely differently from the way they behave at home.

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