Where are you going to this summer?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I plan on doing a lot of swimming ! I love to swim and I enjoy my pool. Plus I think I'll do some horseback riding down by the American river. Both are good exercise and relaxing at the same time!

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John Doe answered

For me, I guess it's really day to day. I'd like to take a trip though, a one way trip! I want to go to a beach, and build a sand castle and write my name in the sand!

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spunky monkey answered

This summer is going to be a blast I am going with my best friend and we're going to Silver dollar city and the white water. And if it not to later going to Florida for some ocean fun.

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Darling Divaa answered

Well a lot of my summer will be spent at my brothers ranch. He has five horses, Two  Mustangs he purchased from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) two Palomino's and one Appaloosa's. One of the Mustangs foaled in January and both are doing wonderful. He also has a Palomino that is due to foal in February.  He wants to rebuild the  barn and fix fences. Since his wife died my father, my other brother and I pitch in to help whenever we can. My two nieces(his two daughters) are very helpful as well.  I try to spend every weekend over there with him, either to help him with the chores or to take the girls for the day and give him a break. He has other animals and livestock as well. He named the ranch after his wife when they first bought it,  it's called Emma's Acres...... (:

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Darling Divaa
Darling Divaa commented
Hi Kioyre. Yes i'm so looking forward to it (:
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
Al Amin Md Amin : This is not a site to push your spam on people. Either stop or your account will be blocked ! Understand ?
yo ki
yo ki commented
I plan to go to Osaka with my laptop, go swimming. I need 3 batteries more, how about the battery http://www.laptopbattery.jp/battery-express-p.php/[email protected]+pc-battery ?
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Rath Keale answered

I'm going to the Badlands of Alberta this summer  that new mega dinosaur that was uncovered there is on display at my favourite museum, the Tyrell Museum in Calgary 

I'm also going to visit with a childhood friend who lives in the north.

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Shinypate one
Shinypate one commented
What splendid plans. I am envious. My summer is being spent with a daily trip for radiation (post prostate prophylaxis) so I am jealous of anything adventurous!
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
The Great White North ! Hope you are well, Rath! :)
Rath Keale
Rath Keale commented
Shiny, I'm sorry to hear you summer will be spent like this. I hope it's over sooner than you think. At least now you have a new diversion here on Blurtit with a bunch of familiar faces.
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Kioyre S. answered

Hm... Hopefully, I will get to see my other older siblings, whom I haven't seen personally in a few years! My sister fell off the map for several months, left uni all of a sudden without a trace, and wasn't in contact with the rest of us, but luckily, my mother recently heard from her. My brother has a bit of a medical condition that needs to be looked at, so hopefully that'll be solved if we go see him... I am looking forward to this summer! :D

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I don't do much in the Summer except concentrate on meeting my goals as far as weight-loss. It seems Summer is easier to lose weight, I can make salads, eat fruits , veggies, stay away from lot of carbs..

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ly fen chen answered

In this Summer, I have planned to go to the beach, it's not so far, I just take 3 hour's train, I have been several times there, as it's a place for relaxing and breathing the fresh air under the sun shining, there are some casinos there too, but I seldom went there, because I am afraid of losing money. Lol,

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