Now that it's Summer here in the States, does anyone have any special plans? Like vacations or travel?


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Matt Radiance Profile
Matt Radiance answered

I hope so but not really sure. The next six months are going to be crucial & tight for me, so I guess mostly my vacation would be being here anytime that I can get. 

It's fun, it's great, and I can communicate with my friends & all the good people here. It's where I can actually try to help or simply share an idea.

Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered

It's summer here in the UK too, so the rain is getting warmer. I shall holiday in September - probably drive to the South of France, in the Languedoc somewhere.

Corey The Goofyhawk Profile

What is this vacation you speak of? Nah me and my wife have to work all summer. I'm ready for Autumn already. Let it get cool again! Good luck to you.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

I am moving, for what I hope is the last time, later this month. So my summer will be busy painting and decorating.  I do have a couple of days planned to go see an old friend in the NC mountains next month.

My big vacation for this year is coming in October instead. It is my mom's 75th birthday and we are taking a family trip to Hawaii.

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Woof Woofy answered

I'm not from the States, I'm Canadian. But I do have plans to go camping at the end of June and July. And have lots of picnics at the local parks and what not.

Taylor Brookes Profile
Taylor Brookes answered

I'm going to Switzerland with my best friend :) I just finished schoo yesterday, so my summer holidays before I start college is going to be really boring. 2 months with nothing to do...

Jason Levy Profile
Jason Levy answered

Yeah Definitely .... I have solid plan for this summer vacations ,me and my family  decided  to go  Orange Beach , in Alabama . It is Terrific place for vacations and compose  great
and affordable
rentals for family. We will do great fun on the beach side.

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