Ok so I'm going to San Francisco next week. Who wants to hit me up with some advice on where to go for a great time?


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Just go outside of your hotel and walk around, you'll run into something to do in the first 5 minutes. Rent a bike.

Personally I like the hiking trail at Land's End. The Yoda Foundation at Lucas Art's HQ. The Arcade Museum or whatever french name it goes by, since you're bound to go the Fisherman's Wharf either way *rolls eyes*. Rent a row boat at Stowe Lake. Check out the Conservatory of Flowers. There's the Seward street slides, nothing wrong with grown people going down a slide. Walk the steps of the Coit tower. The FIlberte Steps puts you into a secret garden vibe.

By the end of all that you're probably all famished. Hopefully you had a reservation at the House of Prime Rib to replenish your fuel.

There's a hundred billion things to do, so you won't get a precise list if you don't state specifically what you're looking for.


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If you want to take the Alcatraz tour, you will need to buy your tickets a day or two in advance, and do the night tour. It is great view looking back at the city when it is lit up. Also on North Point Street there is a little place called Hollywood Grill Café, that makes an awesome breakfast. And the Castro district is definitely worth a drive through, because you never know what you will see. 

Last time I was there, there were two guys on a corner. One was playing the ukulele and the other an accordion. Neither was wearing a stitch of clothes.  I just like getting on the cable cars and getting off at different places and walking around.

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