What is the worst city you have ever been to? What made it so bad?


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Bakersfield, California.

They call it the armpit of California. If you're looking for the bible belt but don't want to make the trip, just stop by Bakersfield or any neighboring cities in the central valley. Like Fresno! The heat is killer, there's not much to do, and you'll scratch your head at all the confederate flag bumper stickers while remembering that you're still in California.

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Rooster Cogburn
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I've only driven through it and never stayed there ! Yuk!
DDX Project
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But hey! Wages are pretty decent compared to other parts of the country and houses are dirt cheap.

Just ignore:
Worst air quality in the nation. 12th most obese city in the nation. 6th most dangerous city in California. Number 1 in the nation for vehicle theft/vandalism. Worst city in the nation in regard to pedestrian deaths. Worst maintained roadway system in California according to AAA. Number 1 on Men's Health's list of drunkest cities in America. Number 2 in the nation for publicly disputed officer involved shootings. And finally, number 1 in the nation for drug use per capita. METH CAPITOL USA
Rooster Cogburn
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Damn ! I just thought it stunk there ! lol
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Baltimore, MD, I've never seen that many RUDE people in one place.

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