Have you ever felt unsafe while traveling?


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One year, my wife and I were heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for Christmas, and the directions took us off of the highway and into the most run down redneck looking area. The road was so small that it only fit one car but it was a two lane road. It was pitch black, small dirt/rock road, and rusted broken down farm equipment everywhere. I felt like I would be pelted with 12 gauge shot if I stopped the car. Good luck to you.

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That sounded creepy enough to be the start of a vampire story. You captured the emotion well enough for all of us to feel a shiver down the spine. :)
Corey The Goofyhawk
Haha, thank you. It really could have been the start of a great movie. My wife and I kept refering to The Walking Dead as we traveled down that eerie road.
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I'm not sure if you'd call this "travelling" but I certainly felt unsafe.

If you check the picture below you'll see a tandem hang glider being towed by a Dragonfly ultralight. The Dragonfly was piloted by Birdman Bill Moyes, the man who invented hang gliding. The tandem was piloted by my son, Neil, who had his mother as a passenger. (Once they gain sufficient altitude the glider drops the tow rope and flies freely.)

The strut at the lower right-hand corner of the image belongs to another Dragonfly in which I was a passenger. I was held by only a lap and sash seat belt while I clung to the frame with one hand and operated the camera with the other. That's pretty scary for somebody who is acrophobic.

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I was repeatedly followed by a known terrorist car when working for the UK government in Belfast. "They're just trying to put the frighteners on." was what the Police told me. You know what? They succeeded.

I had a gun stuck in my face in Nigeria, and a knife pulled on me in South Africa.

I was threatened with "A real beating" if I didn't stop talking to the local girls in a club in Helsinki (the threatener turned out to be better at running than fighting when push came to shove).

I was told, by the hotel reception to take a cab to travel about half a mile when staying in Detroit once. "Not at all safe to walk!"

So I have, occasionally, felt less than 100% secure.

I'm still alive.

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I started to write a book of my travels, (plenty of time to waste while sitting in airport departure lounges and funny foreign hotels). It was on a laptop stolen from my car in Hamilton, Scotland - hey I might have been a rich and famous writer by now......
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Yes I have, only to realize that my fear was irrational due to being sheltered by my very own home country. I was in Pakistan and for the most part everyone was very welcoming and friendly. Despite what you see on TV. The average person I me is just like you and me, just trying to get by with everyday life.

And then we get bombed/shot by some ISIS/Confederate flag waving lunatic. 

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