What are the characteristics of tourism?


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Tourism has many characters. There Are  5 Characteristic Of Tourism. Such as:

1. Tourism is a combination of relationships and phenomena.

2. It is dynamic.

3. The destination and sleeping location are outside of one's place of residence and work.

4. The move to the destination is short term and temporary in which the intention is to stay for a few days, weeks, or months.

5. The destination is chosen for leisure not work.

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Ben Loy , characteristics of tourism, answered

According to me these are main characteristics of Tourism :

1. Movement

2. Multi-purpose

3. Money exchange

4. Local and global

5. Compelling motive

6. Ever increasing industry (5%)

7. Fragmented

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Tourism Delight your soul. You feel more connected with world. It meets you to yourself. Your all tensions goes out and you are surrounded to joy, happiness and love.

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