Hi! I've been looking around the Disneyworld site and I'm curious as to when is cheapest to go. Better yet, I need some recommendations? Some info- it would be for 5 people. 2 children, 3 adults. This limits rooms. I also am looking for smaller hotels, so that eliminates Caribbean Beach, only because vast and spread resorts make it annoying to walk to your room after a day of walking. I don't know what the round abouts would be food wise, but I do know driving is cheaper. Plus, I would like at least a 6-7 day (in parks) trip. No park hopper needed. Thanks all :D 


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Well,  the first week in June is gay pride week, if you have young kids you might want to skip that week, a co-worker went not knowing and had to explain to her young kids about many things they saw.

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