Is India an amazing country?


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Spent time in India about 1997, it is amazing, indeed; though in ways that strain both ends of the amazement spectrum. First, the sheer numbers are staggering, and the people are friendly, hardworking and steeped in tradition and religion. Person-on-person crime and corruption are rampant, rarely prosecuted, and in daily public view. In many places in India, it can be merely a few steps from world class luxury accommodations to the most abject poverty, and a turn of the head from the most gorgeous structures to streets of starving children covered in filth. To my American eyes, life seemed cheap there, sanitation is alarmingly poor and it was hard to feel safely at ease. Fascinating and beautiful in places, but unsettling at the same time.

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I've been to Mumbai and Jaipur and found the culture, food and architecture fabulous but the poverty and living conditions of the 'not so wealthy' is deplorable. The only time I felt clean and safe was in my host's home.

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My last gainful employment was running a small data-processing company in Bangalore.

I loved India.

All that is said elsewhere is perfectly accurate, grinding poverty and near-starvation rub shoulders with wealth and privilege, although you won't see that necessarily in the larger towns. (You will once out in the countryside).

And the place does smell, no question about that. Chennai town centre on a hot day is an assault on the senses on many levels.

But such 3000-year old culture.

Such tolerance of different races and creeds (although the caste/class system is still a real problem away from the towns).

Everyone should go to India at least once - and do a road trip, or several. REALLY see the place.

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Once you get over how dirty and unsanitary it is, it's a great country. It's dirtier than a lot of countries who are much poorer. My Indian friends says it's a cultural thing.

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Yes, there are so different languages, cultures, food and beautiful historical places to visit.

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There are some nice places in India to visit. But it's far from amazing.

You'll probably hate it if you stay there for a long period of time, though.

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India is largest country It is really an amazing country.There are so different languages.There are some nice places.It is difficult for every people to discover mind blowing facts of the country.It looks some of the amazing country's with a lot of problems.

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India is the only country that has all weathers and all kind of natural beauties available at the same time. Either it's desert, Snowfall, backwaters, seaside, Cities or Jungles all are available here. You can travel anytime anywhere here.

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