Which is the best place in India for traveling?


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Mysore. Hydrabad, Mangalore, Pondicherry. All the big cities are interesting too, but might be "an acquired taste" for some.

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One of the optimum and most favorable countries in the world is  India. India is also one of the in demand countries where attractive and beautiful places abound specifically at Mumbai, India.

Want some different experience? Don’t miss the Gateway of India where everyone needs to visit first before going to
places, because if you forgot to be in this place you’ll find something
is lacking in your trip. Actually it is one of the most acquainted spot
of tourist here at Mumbai or There are

top ten attractions to visit in Mumbai India wherein you can find satisfaction, gratification and pleasure in life.

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India is rich with a wide range of landscape from deserts to rainforests.  There are a lot of choices for the best place in India and to select one we need to consider certain criteria s that the list could be limited a few places. If you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere in lowlands then there are a huge list of beaches that you could visit. If you are the kind of person who wants to get the best deals at affordable prices there are a number of cottages in Gokarna which offers the best cuisines and compared to places like Goa the area is usually less crowded. Check out these places if you are planning to visit there.

No doubt, Gokarna is going to give you a wonderful experience for you with the beautiful beaches and trekking destinations.

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What are you looking for Tam?

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we have more idea about the indian tour. I am from and loveMytravel is one of the best tour and travel company of northeast so in this season we said that Darjeeling is best in the north east. And more visit;


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Rajasthan is Indian than any other state in the country. This kind of unparalleled ethnicity makes Rajasthan a desirable holiday spot. There u can find lots of luxury palace you can stay in in addition to lots of places to visit such as Goa and jim cobbet national park

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There are so many places to visit in India. Every place has its own importance, peace, and beautifulness. It depends on what type of place you want to visit.

Hill Area - Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Missouri, etc

Historical - Jaipur, Ajmer, Delhi, Agra, etc

Beach Places - Goa, Mumbai, etc

Glamour Cities - Gurgram, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

Sea Area - Kerala, Tamilnadu, etc.

My blog on travel guides.

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north India is best to visit by road.

and i suggest you the best car and bike rental company in delhi i.e


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Ken Adams , Golden Triangle Tour India is very popular for its magnificent attractions and wanderlust. Golden Triangle - Gives you a three-fold experien, answered

Golden Triangle India Tour is a tourist circuit which connects the national capital Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The Golden Triangle is also called mewat (land of meos and meena). If you are looking for some great deals for your next Trip to India do visit our web site.

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As I like traveling, I read much about it and prefer planning everything I can in advance. In order to find places of interest and sight-seeings I usually use activities and tour sites This is a good collection that helps me to find places I want to visit before going somewhere. Personally I find this possibility to be great as it is convenient to be ready for a trip beforehand.

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There are lots of websites where you can search best tour packages for India tour. You can visit ‘Incredible Real India’ and find India special interest tour, with ‘holiday packages’ ‘Make my trip’ and ‘Tripadvisor’ you can find the honest reviews about any travel agency in India and decide which destination you wish to visit with what package.

If you are planning to tour India and Nepal with family, then You can visit exclusive north India with Nepal.

The Route of this beautiful tour will be start from New Delhi » Jaipur » Agra » Orchha » Khajuraho » Varanasi » Kathmandu (Nepal) » New Delhi.

You can stay for 14 nights and 15 days tour in these north India Tourist Places and witness the historical beauty of India and Kathmandu. It can be the best trip of your life.

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