Does anyone know a fascinating place name origin? Here's mine: A small town (pop 1700) in Washington, Tenino (rhymes with albino). In bygone logging days a beloved locomotive hauled logs to the mill. And the number on this lokie? 1090...Ten Nine Oh

Tenino is the town where I just moved! I was born 1944 only about 75 miles from here, have liked this town all my life and never knew where its name came from...stories like this all over this magnificent logging country once covered by ancient forests (and some cool prairies, too).


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Here's the town that Rooster was born in and also the town that he was raised in.

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You can possibly dig a little deeper for the backgrounds of the names in your spare time.

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We live next to what used to be Hubalta. Hub oil built a refinery and needed somewhere for the workers to live, so they built a town and named it Hub Alta(the former abbreviation for Alberta) It was soon reduced to Hubalta.

Eighty miles away is Vulcan.. Named in 1910 by a railroad surveyor after the Roman God of Fire.  Originally all its streets were named after classical Roman Gods. (Mars, Jupiter, Juno etc.)

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Virginia Lou
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Korvo One I enjoyed those names no end!
Hub Alberta to Hub Alta to Hubalta...was all this going on in Canada, then?
Maurice Korvo
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Yes, all in Canada. Except in 1999, the plant blew up and is no longer there. (at that time it was part of Calgary, about 1 mile from where I live)
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That is horrific, only hoping no on injured from that...

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