How often do you travel?


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Usually a couple of times a year,  but I would like to travel more often.

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I do love travelling but in the same time i'm kind of person who would spend everything he's got in sake of a progressive career. So it's hard to balance both wills. I chosen career over travelling.

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Every day

I travel to work from home ... And then travel back to home from work.

I travel to the store for shopping.

I travel through the rooms in my house, doing various things.

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This is surely influenced by lots of factors, including career stage, family responsibilities, and enjoyment of travel.I love  traveling.

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I like traveling a lot, but unfortunately, I can't do this often mostly because of high prices, especially on flights. But recently I've found a good collection of cheap flights sites that offer a possibility to find the best offers and deals. So, I hope I will travel more often in the nearest future.

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