How Far Is It From Second Base To Home Plate? Going Straight Past The Pitcher?


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127.279 feet, approx 42 yards, 1 foot and 15 inches.

This is a simple geometry puzzle.

The baseball diamond is actually a square with sides each 90 feet long.

I am going to describe how to figure it out next. I imagine that to get credit for a homework question you will need to draw a picture of the square and the triangles in it to get credit, so you WILL have to understand what you are doing.

Draw the baseball diamond (square).
Draw the two lines connecting opposite corners.

You now have 4 right angle isosceles triangles inside the square.

Each triangle has a hypoteneuse that is 90 feet long. The other two sides of each triangle are equal to each other. The sum of two of these sides is the distance the question is after.

By Pythagorus theorem (for right angle triangles) we know that

Side1^2 + Side2^2 = 90^2

(^2 means raised to the power of 2, or squared).

Since we know length of Side1=length of Side2, and we want the answer to Side1+Side2, the puzzle can also be written:

2 * Side^2 = 90^2=8100
Side = square root of 4050, or 63.6396

The answer is 2 * Side=127.279 feet.

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