Back from my vacation! What is the best trip you've ever taken??


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I've been to a lot of places in the world but I must say the best trip was just me and my dad in Canada. I was just a young teenager and we spent two months canoeing, camping and hiking across a lot of Canada. Every couple of weeks, we'd spend a night in a motel to take a real shower and have the comfort of beds to sleep in. The best vacation ever!!

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The most fun and exciting was going to Aspen CO for my son's wedding in the summer several years ago.  They had a black tie wedding in a fancy schmancy outside location on top of Aspen Mt.  We all took gondolas to the top of the mountain for the ceremony and then back down to a hotel for the reception.  Needless to say, his in-laws are very wealthy and footed most of that bill!!

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Levi F. answered

I love visiting Scotland, since it's where some of my relatives live. I've been on excellent trips there. I also like roughing it in the wilderness, so the time I've spent mountain biking in Montana and Colorado has been excellent. I also enjoyed being on the beach in the Bahamas. Those are at least three of the best trips I've taken.

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In sixth form I went on a trip with my Geography class to the French Alps. We stayed in a hotel opposite Mt Blanc, and the views were spectacular! It would've been nice to have just been able to explore and enjoy the scenery at my own pace, rather than having to keep up and do fieldwork though!

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I have been quite a few places, but the one I that just seemed magical as Alaska. We, my extended family, took a 7 day cruise. The natural beauty, the wildlife, the sound of a glacier calving, and very little man made noise. I hope to drive up there one day in an RV. Then I won't be on someone else's schedule.

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I've had a lot of great trips.  The two most memorable (I'm not counting my tour with the Navy) were to Northern Italy and the other to Bolivia and Peru.  I would love to visit Machu Picchu again. 

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Oh, I'd definitely go back to Peru, it's an amazing place. I can tell you that it was the best trip I've ever taken, and I highly recommend you check out this blog post and see that it's actually worth checking out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you decide to go there, so you have to add it on your list of places to go.

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