We know the 7 Wonders of the World. If you made a personal list of wonders you've seen, what's something on it?


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Virginia Lou Profile
Virginia Lou answered

Dear Happy, for me i think the wonder of wonders is a newborn baby... Every time I meet a little new arrival, I think, here is hope for the world now.

Anna Levi Profile
Anna Levi answered

The French Alps :)

Rath Keale Profile
Rath Keale answered

I used to work in the classroom of a secure jail for young offenders who had been sentenced.  These kids came from the worst homes, or group homes, and from lives without affection, trust, or hope.  Their circumstances in jail were strict and predictable.  The guards were blank blockheads.

Yet I saw subtle acts of kindness, protection, and caring between students who had power and vocabulary and those who were smaller and without confidence.  They hid these acts from staff, but they let me see what they were doing.  It was because I spoke quietly with them and not at them.  I taught them how to read.  I never got in the way of their acts of compassion.  If I hadn't seen these things for myself . . . . .

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