If you were showing a foreigner around your hometown and only had time for one or two sites, where would you take them?


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Hollywood Walk of Fame and Disneyland.

It's pity to miss Golden Gate in San Francisco. An art, a sight and a place that makes my heartbeat faster and bring tears to my eyes. ♥

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San Francisco at night !

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Virginia Lou
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Lived there 2.5 years 1967-69...and a photo like that one STILL takes my breath away, my heart leap for joy. Used to cross that bridge on foot occasionally, only 3 mi or something like that...
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When spending time on Treasure Island during my tour with the Navy, I thought the view from the seawall looking across the bay at the SF skyline was the most amazing sight I'd ever seen. Added advantage, the Acey Ducey club had the same view.
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Well Happy...since central Tenino is two blocks long and three acres in size, with two stops I could pretty much show you the whole town.

So i would take you to the Landmark Tavern, built 1908, and the Tenino City Hall, constructed of local sandstone late 1800's. Then when you were all worn out from all that sight-seeing, I would take you for a picnic beside the Skookumchuck River!

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The Old Bridge (it's pretty much the only thing you get images of if you type in the name of the city, along with images of cows), and the Old House, another landmark. Why does everything where I live start with 'Old'? Haha

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