who here lives in the united states currently?


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I currently live in purgatory.

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Dear Austin,

I am in the prairies of SW Washington State right now...but here for you is a photo of Mt. Shuksan, taken from Picture Lake on Mt. Baker in NW Washington State where I spent twelve years, 1998-2010...surely one of the Earth's beautiful places as is everywhere really...

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Yes Gator Blu...I did not realize it at the time, but turns out this is the most photographed mountain in the world. This little lake is adjacent to the mountain road and a parking lot for skiers as well as summer touring. You walk out on a little boardwalk over the lake, and this is what you see!
Dance like a gypsy
Oh home sweet home :) that's a pretty place sadly I haven't been in that area.
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Gypsy that's right! I was just looking through some old Q's...and you and I are almost neighbors...
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Texas 🎷

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I think I'm in the minority ....I don't :/ but I'm not gonna have Donald Trump as my next fearless leader !!! Na Na Na boo boo😂 .... BAM ? Or too soon? ;p

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Lol :) well he elbowed a woman in the House of Commons during a movement to pass an assisted dying bill back in may....can you imagine if that was an American president??? Would have been a big deal ;) other than that he's still hot as ;)..... Him and I were at the same concert last weekend so that's awesome ... I dig him :)
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Colorful Colorado, 8,012 feet above sea level, sitting on my front porch looking at the Great Sand Dunes Park and Preserve, or sitting on the back deck looking at Wolf Creek Pass 80 miles away! 

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You got California here, the wonderful north south east and west you get entertainment all over! Point north and you'll see all the gas prices are gouged, look south and you'll see a p*rn star for sure (pun intended! LOL!) Look west and you will see all the beautiful wild fires and look east to see our earthquake station!

LOLOLOL! Not really north, south, east and west but Yin is grumpy so she gets to say whatever! LOL!

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