I'm flying from east to west coast for the first time. there will be a layover Can anyone tell me what I do from when I walk in the airport to when I land in hers? Will everything be on my ticket? Will I have two tickets? Help will be appreciated!


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If you have booked your ticket already, it should have told you where you had a layover. For instance, if you are going from Chicago, IL to Dallas, TX, you might have a layover in Kansas City. Look at your ticket or online if you booked it that way.

The gates / seat numbers / layover information should all either be on the site where you booked or on the ticket or in an email, if you signed up for an email confirmation.

And just an FYI to you, please don't submit the same question multiple times. If someone knows the answer, just wait until they log on and see your question. If you haven't received an answer in a couple of days, your question might be too obscure for an answer, or there's no one that knows the answer that you need.

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