What's a good website to ask questions about living in a foreign country?


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I don't know why you would want to move to India from Canada :) but here :


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I've always wanted to visit PEI :) I live in Ontario ..probably obvious by my frequent visits to Toronto :p anyway ... I have an uncle who lives in pei and he rents cottages there so I have a place to stay if if I ever buy a plane ticket :) I'm not trying to down on your plan to move to India .... But in my opinion anyone living in Canada is truly blessed :) if you are into Indian woman that's cool ... I think you could find one here and have a nice life here !!! But to each there own .. You do you :)
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Not sure about online cos I've never looked for them :) I would guess they are though ....
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I recommend to look through https://travelsites.com/travel-networks/. This is a collection of networks that allow to link up with fellow travelers and locals. You can undoubtedly find much useful information there and communicate with local people who can help you for sure.

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