When you are driving, do you obey the posted speed limit?


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In and around the town I am at or below the speed limit. I know over the years my reaction time has lessened and the old eyes ain't what they used to be. On the open highway where I can sort of see for long distances I may go above the limit on occasion but I try not to. After a few speeding tickets it begins to get very expensive. With the older cars you could feel and hear the highway and your tires so you almost knew how fast you were going. The newer cars are such quiet things I could be tooling along and think I am doing 55 then I look and the needle is up to 70. Oh me oh my. (LOL)

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Let's just say . . I admire the suggestion.

I find myself at least 5 mph over on most occasions.

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That's about how much I push it. Most police around here give the driver a little leeway.
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When I was 15, I had the opportunity to do a "Ride Along". I would watch people speed by, and I would comment . . . "What about him? He was going 6 miles an hour over?" the Officer replied, most Police officers have their radar set for 10 miles and hour over, but even then it is still a judgment call." . . Just then the radar sounded out and it had been set to 10 miles an hour over as he had mentioned . . . He flipped on the lights as the car passed us, and I saw the person's Break lights get bright . . . The Officer smiled and said "Well that gave him enough of a start to stay within the limits for a little while."
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Yes because the UK has many speed cameras and average speed cameras which stops you from speeding between cameras.

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Within reason. :)

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Any posted limit 55 and under---yes.

Freeways around here are 60 to 70.  Depending on the other traffic, I may drive up to 70 in the 60 zone.

Years ago (before the "energy crisis") I was driving in a state with a prima facie sped limit ( which at the time meant "as fast as you want").  I drove 80 for a brief period of time, but wasn't comfortable at that speed.

(80 is a football field in 2.5 seconds)

70 is the max speed i am comfortable with---and only on a road designed with that speed in mind.

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Most of the time, yes.

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