For those who have traveled by air within the past couple of years, and those who haven't, what is your take on the current state of air travel? Which of these two groups are you a member of? 


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Well my friend I will answer.... I have never been in a plane! Nor do I ever want to go on a plane ESPECIALLY now a days! I like to say God made me short for a reason.... Cuz I am not meant to be higher up then 4'11! Lol! (If my husband ever knocked me out and threw me on a plane I better wake up in Hawaii! Lol!)

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Call me Z
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The ironic thing in your comment, Yin, is that neither airline travel nor Hawaii are quite the pleasurable experience they once were. Both are crowded, overly expensive, exasperating hassles now.
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Awe! 😕
I'll stick to what I know then! Lol! 😊
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It's been many years since I was on a plane. From reading the news and listening to my kids/granddaughter I don't want to ever fly again.  Hardly a day goes by that you don't hear about a major disturbance on an airline. The prices are excessive and service seems to be non existent.

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Many moons ago as part of my job I had to fly to many, many different countries and stay a week to sixty days. Staying in these countries I flew extensively on local airlines. My experiences during those 15 years ranged from the subline to a near death experience. Over all I believe flying today is one of the most unplesant experiences anyone could have. In an effort to satisfy their greed various airlines have reduced, eliminated and began charging for the smallest of emenities. Fuel surcharges still exist though not really needed is an example of the greed. Most airline personal are your average good person just trying to make a living. The average passenger no longer knows or realizes the etiquette / common sense required when sitting in a crowded moving vehicle with 200 other people. I for one will not travel via commercial air unless it is an absolute emergency.

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I agree with your sentiments, Ancient One. I've flown to and from many countries, almost too many airports to count, and it is alarming how overly unpleasant the whole experience has evolved, particularly since 9/11 and especially on flights into the US.
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Without going into too much detail I was flying a small local commercial airline in South America. The landing gear colapsed when we were landing and the airplane skidded the length of the runway. Fortunately no deaths but there were some injuries to the passengers. Me I was fine but in shock.
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I fly once or twice a year. I rarely enjoy the flight. If I am flying for more than two hours the headache a get usually takes  good 6 hours to go away. People are usually tired of how the airlines treat them and many are leery of sitting in such a close proximity to a stranger. I find in most cases though if you are polite most people respond in kind. It is the feeling of being herded like cattle I don't like most.

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Danae Hitch
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Yes, totally agree with you. I hate being squeezed into a seat, usually next to someone that hasn't heard of the word "soap".
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You guys are NOT selling the idea to me! Lol! 😆
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My last airplane journey was torture. A small commuter plane from Canada to Minneapolis. It was delayed for 2 hours on the tarmack due to snow. We were not permitted to deboard during the wait.

By now, I had to pee.

No washrooms on this small plane !!! A 90 minute flight with a full bladder. It was starting to hurt. I had to unzip my jeans, cover my lap with my jacket to relieve the pressure.

It was so painful that I entertained thoughts of somehow using an air sickness bag. I rocked and squirmed with building pain.

Finally landed. I rushed off the plane. Bee lined to a washroom.

I'd fly again but never on a small plane without a washroom.

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I have flown many times since 9/11. I've gone through Chicago O'Hare, Dallas, Columbus, OH airports with little to no issues. My sister had to cancel a United flight last fall; she's had almost no issues exchanging the ticket for another date.

The problem is, I believe, that most people come to the airport completely oblivious to what's going on around them. They don't call ahead to check on their flight; they wear the wrong shoes (should be slip on shoes since you have to take them off thru security), bring stuff they shouldn't and then get mad at whoever is closest because they didn't do their due diligence.

Times have changed. Get educated. Plan ahead. Bring something to do when you have to wait, because somewhere along the line, you will end up waiting for something. Don't carry on more than you can manage by yourself. Be courteous. Pay attention to the flight crew. And most importantly, BE NICE, especially when you run into an issue.

There is no reason to act like a d*ck when something goes wrong. Figure it out - ask someone for help - thank them for their kindness.

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That's what my kids said. The majority of the problems are because of the people.
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Good points, Danae. It seems to me there are people who view air travel as an entitlement, that paying big ticket prices should allow them to be jerks. But that IMO is a symptom of the larger society.

The airlines aren't angels in this either. They routinely overcharge, nickel-and-dime with add'l fees, waste enormous amounts of time, and siphon away creature comforts and personal dignity. Lots of the latter is to do with laws that Congress enacted in the name of "security", but who can argue the airlines' railed against the collective inconveniences caused to their customers.

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