How much is flood insurance in flood prone areas?


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I was wondering the same thing. Good question.☺

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According to an article I read recently every state is considered to be in a flood zone.  No where could I find a price listed. The best was thousands to tens of thousands depending on what is being insured.  Maybe someone that has it will come along.

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Annual premiums for flood insurance on a single-family one-story home average about $400-$450 nationwide but can be as low as $112 in a low-risk area and more than $2,000 a year in flood-prone areas. provides quick quote charts for rough cost estimates and a location risk calculator .

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Best plan- don't live in a flood zone. 

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Many of the people in Houston that flooded don't live in a flood zone. It was just an inordinate amount of water.

I don't live in a flood zone, Yet I live with in a mile of a river and a block from a lake that is fed by the river. We have had over 80 inches of rain in the last 5 months and the water is high. We average 50 inches in a year.) I am watching Irma very carefully. If it dumps half of what Harvey did, there are going to be some very unhappy people.

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