What place in the United States has the most stable barometric pressure and the lowest humidity?


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My guess would be San Diego.

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Otis Campbell
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Truest it
KB Baldwin
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My daughter lived there when she was attending college. If the temps got down to 55 he complained about freezing. If the temps got near 70 we had to hear about the heat wave. She also complained about having to clean up all the fallen avocados on her lawn. I'm surprised she survived her time in that Hell hole.
PJ Stein
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LOL. I am a Florida girl and went to visit a friend stationed there. He lived a block from the beach. I grew up going to Daytona Beach which has fine, white sand and the water temp gets into the low 80s. When I got to the beach there with thee coarse sand, I was ok with that. But when I go in the water it was freezing! Then a piece of kelp wrapped around my leg. OMG! I had to get out after that.

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