Which cryptocurrency to invest in? 1. Bitcoin 2. Litecoin 3. Ethereum 4. Ripple.

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Martin Cole answered

according to me right now bitcoin has still potential to rise up so if you want to invest and willing to HODL cryptocoin then go for bitcoin but first of all check out best option to buy bitcoin using credit card and debit card or what are the best bitcoin wallet as well....

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Karl Sagan answered

When your cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is at hand, you may be afraid of nothing, everything is gonna be seen, checked or counted right in time! Just enjoy yourselves and the program will do everything for you! Cool! And don't forget to check your personal portfolio where you can find currency that is suitable exactly for your interest.

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Btc Wonder answered

I always recommend people with this question to invest in Zcash and Monero for now, other than these if i have to answer from the mentioned options i would say Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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Anna Holenova answered

I would recommend you Bitcoin since it is the most secure and safe option. The only problem is its high demand which makes it a little difficult to mine. There is a a little trick I can share with you, if you are mining via cloud technologies you can get some promo codes for genesis https://cloudminingpro.net/genesis-mining/ that will make your income a little more profitable. Hope that will help you at your start as a miner, good luck.

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Does anybody knows how to protect your internet buisness. I mean not only Shops -online or make password on your PC, i mean this people who mining crypt or making serious transfers on Wall street and big companies. Cause i am a miner for 3 years and i only know one tool bitcoin tumbler that can safely do it. What else you can recommend?

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