Im 17 and im going trick or treating until 9'Oclock I'm bringing flashlight,phone(To call parents if I'm lost) and watch. What else just in case?


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Sounds great Zach!!  Do you have a partner to go with?  It's best when you have a friend to have fun with.  :)

Safer too.

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Otis Campbell answered

Safety in numbers so bring friends and have a cool place to place all that candy like a pillow case like a white one

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Darik Majoren answered

I think that 17 is a bit old to go Trick or Treating . . . Please tell me you at least are wearing a costume so as to be truly in the holiday spirit.

Also, are there no Halloween parties you can go to with friends?

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Joyce Hall answered

Emergency telephone , a whistle.the kind you blow. I find when I am upset or nervous, I can't whistle with my lips. So you can blow a whistle, JUST IN CASE

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