Is it good to go on a volunteering abroad?


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Garima Saini answered

For volunteering, I would like to recommend you Namkhan Eco
Farm. It is safe and best place for volunteering. Namkhan Eco farm has a project going on where their motive is to get people aware of eco-farming and permaculture. People all around the world come there as a volunteer and help in a project to grow. Moreover, they provide free accommodation and free three meals with tea and coffee. You will get an amazing and outstanding experience to explore the beautiful adventure. The volunteer’s job is to help natives with eco-farming, cultivate land, teach English to natives, crafting, painting, carpentering etc. A volunteer can also get a tour to explore local Buddhist temples, trek, and hike in mountain valleys.

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Taila Nevado answered

Yes, it is definitely a good action. Along with helping
other people, you will have the opportunity to discover a new place and a new
culture. I would love to volunteer abroad as I will love to travel as well as
helping other people. Having some experience in that field will also be a plus
point on your CV.

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