1、I will be in Ningbo, China next year. If you have a week to explore in Ningbo, what are the top five must-see attractions to visit?


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As a classic
Yangtze Delta Water Town, Ningbo has a deep cultural heritage. Yet what was
once the birthplace of China's earliest fisheries, Ningbo is now the fourth
largest port city in the world!

The city is well
developed and easy to get to with the recently expanded Ningbo Lishe
(pronounced Lee-shuh) International Airport. Now 747’s and other large
passenger planes take off and land in Ningbo every day from around the world.
The airport is only 12 kilometers away from the downtown area. In 2009, Ningbo
also opened a high-speed rail line, so it’s amazingly convenient to get to
nearby cities like Shanghai and Hangzhou. In terms of accommodation, there’s
plenty of excellent options such as Hilton
Ningbo Dongqian Lake Resort, the Ningbo Westin Hotel, Ningbo Park Hyatt
Hotel, Sheraton Ningbo Hotel, etc. All have English speaking staff and are well
priced. If you want to experience social-life in Ningbo, you can visit the “Old
Bund.” There are all kinds of restaurants and bars there and a great nightlife
on weekends. Ningbo even has several unique amusement parks like Ningbo
Fantawild Oriental Heritage Theme Park, Romon Universal Park, and Ningbo “Our
Sea” Seaworld; all great for family friendly fun! Also, if you want to get in
touch with Chinese history roots, you’ve got to visit Tianyi Pavilion! There
you’ll find the oldest library in Asia. Over 400 years old, covering an area of
26,000 square meters the Tianyi Pavilion
is full of nearly 300,000 volumes of ancient scrolls and books. Also, if you want
to check out Ningbo’s nature then definitely head to Dongqian Lake, which has
been irrigated for more than 1200 years, expanding to three times the size of
West Lake in Hangzhou. There’s dozens of scenic lakeside trails, easy and
suitable for both children and seniors. If you are a foodie and are fond of
seafood then Ningbo may be the best place in China for you to visit. Visit
Xiangshan Shipu Fishing Port, Nantang Old Street, or Food Street to try local
delicacies and the fresh catch of the day.

Ningbo is really
a unique place, and a great place to start understanding China.

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